BATLE CREEK, Neb. -- Agronomy facility upgrades continue to be made at Farmers Pride locations in northeast Nebraska, all designed to help the farm producer with quicker loading times and additional product being available.

This summer the Farmers Pride Board of Directors approved over $7 million of fertilizer facility improvements in both Battle Creek and Osmond.

“With these latest upgrades, Farmers Pride will speed up load-out times while adding badly needed storage space at the Farmers Pride dry-product facility in Battle Creek as well as adding load out space and automated liquid blending capabilities at Osmond”, said Bryan Hoffman, Farmers Pride Agronomy Manager. 

The Battle Creek facility will be a state of the art 10,000-ton dry product warehouse and load-out facility. Thirteen bulk storage bins and a heated alley way floor will be part of the interior design of the facility, preventing high humidity turning fertilizer on the concrete floor to wet unusable and wasted product.

Speed is the name of the game with the Battle Creek facility, according to Farmers Pride officials.

“We will be able to load a four-ton blend for a customer in 20 seconds-that is the quickest rate in the industry today,” said Hoffman. No longer will 1,000-pound skid loader buckets be used to blend up a load for a farmer.  Customers will be able to pull in and with a 250-ton product tower in the facility, taking advantage of the quick load-out speed, all while being operated by two employees.

The Battle Creek facility will receive all deliveries with-in an enclosed structure, eliminating any inclement weather disrupting shipments.  The facility will be built at the Farmers Pride south complex to the south of the office building. 

The Battle Creek location hosts a large sales volume of retail fertilizer sales and is centrally located for a high number of the tons distributed for Farmers Pride in Madison, Stanton, Pierce, Antelope, Boone, Pierce, Wayne and Platte Counties.  “This new facility will replace an undersized storage plant in Battle Creek with 8,000 more tons of storage while immensely speeding up load-out times” according to Hoffman.

The Osmond upgrade will consist of a new three-bay loading/unloading facility and an automated liquid blending system for computer control vs. manual loads, once again increasing the speed of loading capabilities. 

Hoffman added that rail unloading capabilities will also be improved at the Farmers Pride Madison location.  Product can be railed into Madison from various locations across North America or trucked in from manufacturing facilities as close as Sioux City and as far away as Oklahoma, Wyoming and New Mexico to the seven agronomy plants at Farmers Pride. 

Expected completion date for the Battle Creek facility will be likely miss the early spring season but should be up and running for the side-dress season in late May/early June 2022.  The Osmond upgrade should be ready for the spring agronomy season.