OMAHA — Gov. Pete Ricketts and an Omaha pastor are moving past a disagreement from a heated meeting just as audio from the meeting hits the internet.

St. Mark Baptist Church Pastor Jarrod Parker says he met with Ricketts Wednesday and accepted what he believes is a sincere apology after he accused Ricketts of calling a group of black leaders “you people.” 

Parker was part of a meeting between Ricketts, Mayor Jean Stothert, Police Chief Todd Schmaderer and black community leaders on Monday.  The meeting was designed to open communication between the groups after the decision not to charge the man who killed protestor James Scurlock over the weekend.  Parker left the meeting after he took offense to language used by the governor.  In a Facebook Live video seen by more than 630,000 people, Parker says Ricketts said, “the problem I have with you people.”

“You’re not listening and you can’t listen because at the top of the state is a racist governor,” Parker said in the video.

On Wednesday, an anonymous source leaked audio of the conversation between Ricketts and the black leaders. The Governor’s Office tells NCN that the audio is legitimate.  It reveals a heated exchange between the groups.

Ricketts: “I absolutely object the way you characterize the way I said safety… my safety that I’m talking about is making sure another young man doesn’t die because he gets shot by someone, that’s what I’m talking safety.”

Other: “Don’t betray that.”

Ricketts: “Where the hell were all of you guys when I was trying to get…”

Other: “What did you just say?”

In a Facebook Live video posted Wednesday, Parker said he isn’t happy with all the incidents surrounding the initial meeting but that peace and reconciliation has come from it.

“How can we stand for our communities and our country to be divided? I hope that this is a message that as much as we disagree, and as much as we can hurt each other and be insensitive, we have to come back to the table," Parker said.