State Sen. Mike McDonnell, a longtime union man and a likely candidate for Omaha mayor in two years, is the odd Democrat out on several key pieces of legislation—including abortion—not to mention one major political play.

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First abortion.

State Sen. Joni Albrecht, Thurston (R): “A heartbeat is a universal sign of life, and we also know that abortion stops a beating heart.”

There are currently 29 state senators signed on to Albrecht’s bill (LB626) that would in effect prohibit abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Of those 29, McDonnell is the lone Democrat, telling me, “If I’m the only Democrat that’s fine, it won’t change my mind to support a bill.”

The bill will likely need 33 votes to get across the finish line, in a Legislature that has 32 Republicans and 17 Democrats.

Right now, four Republicans haven’t signed on: Speaker John Arch, Omaha’s Christy Armendariz, Plymouth farmer Tom Brandt, and Blair chiropractor Ben Hansen. Should all four side with the six-week restriction, McDonnell’s vote would be the 33rd and politically crucial vote needed to break an expected filibuster.

And there’s more.

State Sen. Kathleen Kauth, an Omaha Republican, has two bills targeting transgender youth, “Let Them Grow Act,” (LB574) preventing gender changing surgeries or hormones and “Sports and Spaces” (LB575) effectively banning boys from girls’ bathrooms and sports teams and vice-versa.

McDonnell is the only Democrat co-sponsoring both those bills.

And then there’s that big political play.

When Gov. Jim Pillen named former Gov. Pete Ricketts to the U.S. Senate, McDonnell was in the room, and guess what? There wasn’t another Democrat in sight.